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Quality assurance and quality control





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As a Redyron client, you can be sure that you are purchasing food ingredients that satisfy your requirements




Controlling and confirming quality and compliance


To ensure that the food ingredients conform to your requirements and comply with international norms and standards, a quality control service will be provided as part of the production batch validation and release process.


In the event that you are dissatisfied, you can be assured that as part of the ongoing improvement of my services, I will put in place prompt emergency measures and take any necessary preventive action, with the aim of understanding the root causes of the problem and preventing it from recurring.





Uncompromising selection


Quality assurance and quality control is an integrated process based on the certifications, norms and reference standards applicable in your country.


Forming the bedrock of quality assurance, supplier sourcing at Redyron follows a strict selection process. I only use suppliers and product distribution, production, storage and transport systems that guarantee the safety and regulatory compliance of your food ingredients.



Supplier questionnaire

Supplier audit

Technical datasheets

Certificate of Analysis

Supplier Sourcing

Product specifications

Internal and external control plans

Follow-up and analysis of complaints relating to the products and services provided



A critical component of the value chain, document management is a key service for ensuring compliant, timely transactions.


I take pride in systematically checking that all shipping documents (commercial invoice, bill of lading or air waybill, packing list, insurance certificate, analysis report, certificate of origin, etc.) meet quality requirements. Requesting, following up and supplying shipping documents in a timely manner is a major factor in ensuring efficient customs clearance procedures.





Understanding of and compliance with Incoterms®


A key aspect of contract negotiation, the Incoterm that you select determines how the costs and risks inherent in routing your goods are shared.

By choosing the right Incoterm to suit your urgent demands and your requirements, you can better mitigate the risk.




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